07 Aug 2018

Slide presentation capturing a broad spectrum of industry-based energy efficiency policies. Energy efficiency options for the building sector include regulation, information and incentives. 

05 Nov 2013


  • Diffusion model for uptake of building retrofits.
  • Case study with New South Wales office buildings.
  • Forecast uptake of government policy programs.


Journal article
18 Sep 2018

Greening our buildings is at the heart of our ght against climate change. Greener, more energy efficient buildings can also help to reduce the exposure to risk for property owners and the banks that nance them. Energy efficient mortgages can therefore be a powerful tool to incentivise investment in greener buildings.

06 May 2016

The need to implement sustainable development (SD) in the construction industry has given birth to the green building (GB) movement. GB is a promising construction approach through which the construction industry contributes to SD. However, the adoption of GB has been hampered in many parts of the world by numerous barriers. To date, no attention has been paid to the need to review existing knowledge of barriers affecting GB adoption. This paper presents a systematic review of literature on barriers to GB adoption published in academic journals.

Literature review