23 May 2017

Provision of adequate and affordable housing is a major challenge in both emerging and industrialised countries. With increasing urgency for addressing climate change and other environmental issues these habitats will need to be environmentally sustainable too.

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28 Mar 2018

Modular building construction is an emerging trend in the construction industry. During the course of road transportation of the modular unit of a building, vehicular vibrations on the truck-trailer may cause damage to components that are attached to the unit.

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11 Jun 2019

Due to the increasing rates of urbanisation and the ever growing urban population, it is inferable that the demand on multi-story construction industry will continue to increase.

22 Feb 2018

A method is developed to predict the service stiffness of floor diaphragms in modular buildings.
The influence of diaphragm flexibility on the seismic response of modular buildings is presented.
Performance-based methods for the seismic design of diaphragm connections in modular buildings are discussed.

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09 Jan 2018

Commonly used in much of Europe, prefabrication is a more environmentally sustainable and socially beneficial way to build, and it’s taking off in Australia too.

01 Feb 2018

Off-site manufacturing offers a real solution to the growing skills crisis in UK construction. But a more standardised design approach is needed if is to be become more widely used for infrastructure delivery, says John Armitage of Ramboll.

Briefing paper
14 Sep 2018

Dutch cyclists rode down the world's first bike path made entirely of discarded plastic this week, in a move aimed at reducing the millions of tonnes wasted every year. The 30-metre (100-ft) cycling path in the 1,300-year-old northern town of Zwolle contains the equivalent of 500,000 plastic bottle caps and is estimated to be two to three times more durable than traditional roads.

05 Jul 2018

While relocatable, prefabricated learning environments have formed an important component of school infrastructure in Australia, prefabrication for permanent school buildings is a new and emerging field. This review of prefabrication for schools is timely. In 2017, Australia’s two largest state education departments committed to prefabrication programs for permanent school infrastructure. In this paper we examine the recent history of prefabrication for Australian school buildings in the context of prefabrication internationally.

Journal article
22 Nov 2016

The share of prefabricated modular residential buildings in the Australian construction market is growing mainly because they are quicker to erect on-site than traditional construction, and often cheaper; but how about their carbon footprint and more particularly their thermal performance? To bring some light on this question, this paper uses two case studies where existing prefabricated modular buildings (a detached house and a multi-storey residential building) are compared to their equivalent in traditional on-site construction methods.

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